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Recondition Turbos

Over the years, we have found out that turbo repairing is better and preferred to a total replacement. At Precision Turbo, our turbo repair services are next to non in the industry.

When you come to us for repairs, unlike other substandard services around, we assure you that we work with only your parts and not someone else’s. We make sure that you pay for only what you need. Our machineries allow us to accurately detect the reason for your turbo failure and then, we offer advice on what to do next. Once you leave our service center, you’ll be rest assured that you will not be coming back for that same issue.

Find below the steps we follow to provide the best service for you.

  1. We agree on a collection center that suits you.
  2. After receiving the turbo charger which is usually the next day, we begin by running analysis and repair procedures
  3. We begin to wash and steam clean the components of your turbo system after we have dismantled and striped all seals, bearings, nuts and studs. This process allows us to see and locate the fault without any hindrance.
  4. After the fault has been detected, we then proceed further by putting all the bearings that holds the turbine into a furnace to burn out any trace of carbon.
  5. After burning the components in the furnace, we polish the component and proceeded for a final examination.
  6. At this point all modules that do not meet the industry standard are replaced with new ones.
  7. We begin the process of properly balancing the shaft and compressor wheels before sending it back to the core assembly.
  8. At this point, all high speed turbos, which usually consist of the majority of car and light vehicle turbos are then core balanced up to 250,000 RPM on the latestVSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) machine. This improves the reconditioned turbo and makes it less noisyand last longer.
  9. We proceed with the installation of  the compressor and turbine casing alongside the actuator and calibration of the actuator being completed
  10. At this point all the (VNT or VGT) are then setup on a VNTflow bench. This process is not carried out by most service companies. However this process is crucial in the reconditioning process. If this is not done, it can damage the turbo charger.

At Precision Turbo we have invested heavily on machineries and equipment’s thatwill enable us deliver quality and value.
Finally, an inspection of your reconditioned turbo is carried out after which all nuts, bolts and gaskets are fitted back in.
Immediately we are finished, we immediately send back your package with all paperwork included.

You can get in contact with us. Our customer care unit is always available to receive your calls. We can’t wait to hear from you. Call us on Tel: 01217068234 or visit us @Unit 29 Tyseley Business Center Redfern Road Tyseley Birmingham B112AL