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How Turbos Work

A reconditioned turbo delivers a better fuelmanagement and performance. Reconditioned turbos function as pumps that push air into the engine. This single act increase the power and the output. The reconditioned turbo is driven by a turbine in the exhaust system.

The more gas from the exhaust, the more air will be pushed into the engine.
In most automotive systems and applications, an access door called the waste gate always opens as the intake system is raised to present the level set by the reconditioned turbos.

The waste gate is a safeguard mechanism that dumps the excess exhaust gas away from the turbo to prevent the reconditionedturbofrom over boosting.

During the pump process, the turbo pumps and compresses air into the engine. This immediately raises the temperature of the air. This has led manufacturers to install intercoolers to help reduce the temperature and keep the turbo efficient.
An intercooler is a radiator for air and is mostly placed at the front or towards the side of the main radiator.
Turbos have the capacity of gaining very high RPMS. This of course depends on the vehicle’s make and model. At Precision Turbo, all reconditioned turbo supplied by us, have been tested up to and above these speeds. This can be archived only on a VSR machine (Vibration Sort Rig). VSR’s help to increase the life span of the turbo and prevent reconditioned turbos being noisy.

Maintenance and Care for Your Reconditioned Turbo
By simply keeping the oil supply full and clean an also ensuring that the essential bearings are properly lubricated, you can greatly increase the life span of your reconditioned turbo. The cause of problems is when the oil supply declines or becomes contaminated leading to untold turbo damage.

The most common factor in turbocharge failure is the lack and contamination of oil. It’s also caused by particlesof all sizes entering the air stream from intake. To help keep this type of failure at bay, always remember to check your air filter and ducting to make sure it’s free, clean and working properly.

A less common reason for turbo failure is caused byforeign objects exiting through the exhaust system. Broken engine parts, nuts, bolts and carbon can cause considerable damageaswell.

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