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Fitting Guide

Make sure to always establish the cause of failure before fitting a replacement unit. Find below the 6 most common mistakes.

1. Oil starvation 2. Oil Contamination 3. Impact damage 4. Blocked Engine Breather 5. Over Speeding of Shaft and Wheel 6. Hot shut down.

  • Before commencing, make sure to loosen all banjo bolts and restrictions then proceed further and inspect for damages/blockage before putting back the cover on. Be on the lookout if there is a good oil feed to the tubo and also, if the flow and pressure is correct. You can also recommend a new oil feed to be fitted if the pipe runs close to the heat source. Do all these before starting the engine.
  • Cross check the induction piping and air filter box if they are free from debris and that the previous failure is not present.
  • Make sure to check if the flow and pressure in the oil feed is accurate and also, if the oil feed itself is clean.We always insist that a brand new oil feed pipe is fitted especially if the pipe operates in close proximity with a heat source. Prime the turbo charger before running the engine.
  • The breather should be always free from debris. Always check the breathers and all related valves if they are in good working conditions.
  • Be on the lookout for damaged or restricted oil drain pipe
  • No sealer of any kind should be used on any of the oil inlets and outlet connections to the turbocharger. This also include turbine inlet and outlet flanges.
  • Examine the EGR value for precise operations
  • Compare ECU with manufactures specs and all related boost control valves/pipes for precise operations.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer’s specs before changing oil and filter. Make sure to use the precise type and grade of oil. Make sure not to over fill because most modern car engines are very slow fillers.
  • Check boost pressure against the manufacturers’ specs and also make sure it does not exceeded the limit.
  • Never fit a replacement turbo to a worn out engine.
  • If an engine has been driven hard, never forget to let the engine idle out for 45 seconds before switching it back on. This will go a long way to prevent damages.
  • On an Audi/VW if the turbocharger compressor has failed due to over speedor debris damage, make sure to replace the rocker cover. This is because particles can make their way down to the rocker cover breather. By design the cover should not allow access for it to be cleaned.

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