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Electronic Actuators

In recent times, the use of electronic actuators have seen a surge in usage. This means that manufactures are now using electronic actuators to both power turbos and regulate essential boost levels.

In the past there was no way to supply a reconditioned turbo that is controlled by an actuator and remain steadfast that it will work as perfectly as OE turbo. Companies have failed severally just trying to repair electronic actuators.
As part of this reason, we have turned down several requests. To make sure that we are confident in what we sell and service.
Using the past 12 months, we launched a thorough research into the intricacies and also, how they function. We also acquired the necessary toolsand spare parts to enable us carry out tests and also repair actuators.

Fortunately the test where all successful as we are now able to supply actuators as a separate part or anattuned one with a reconditioned turbo.

The dangers are that if these turbos are not fixed totally, it can result in your vehicle going into limp mode which is widely known as emergency mode.

Other dangers include choking of the engine and over acceleration of the turbines and could cause turbo lag. On the success of our tests runs we have been able to experiment and test these intricate electronic actuatorsand we are now convinced that we can replicatethis process  and supply our customers with full-fledged reconditioned turbos that are very safe reliable and 100% as good as new.

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